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[01 Apr 2011|06:05pm]
Hawaii in a few weeks! I really can't wait for the sun against my skin. 100 SPF here I come
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[01 Mar 2011|09:49pm]
PAX soon, Hawaii soon.

I need a vacation.
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[11 Dec 2010|03:47pm]
I really want to get out of here. Nothing personal. I'm just really sick of New England as a whole lately. I'd like to check out another place. We all know it's going to be Las Vegas after my sister gets married. Someone asked me if I got married the other day, I think they got their story crossed. I don't know if I have it in me to me married. People are changing all the time, regardless I've been the same unsure, shy little girl for years. I think it may be time to come out of my shell a bit, and meet more people. I've met a few worth while people this year, and I'm glad to be meeting more.

PAX and Hawaii can not come soon enough. I think I have a date for both of those. I hope he wants to hang glide, because that's what I'm doing in Hawaii.
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[29 Sep 2010|04:40pm]
I had the chance to tour the Cordon Blue University of Las Vegas on Monday. It was amazing. I have a contact there for the upcoming Baking and Pastry program in January. I think I might take course. It's only nine months long and I'd learn a lot of what I love. I don't know if I'd actually work for someone or open up a business, but I think it's time to become an adult and work for something more than what I've got. I'm getting some financial aid papers and housing info at the end of October. I'll have to decide what I want by then. I'm also going to schedule a tour for the Boston school. I doubt I'll feel the same about it. I could definitely use some sun on my skin instead of snow. The fact of moving away from everything I know and love is going to really make it hard. I also have to figure out what I'm going to do about work. I doubt they can hold my position for that long. I'd probably have to get a transfer here for whatever position, and then transfer back if I wanted? I don't know about those details. Who knows, this might be the excuse I've been looking for to quit?! It's a lot of thinking in the next few weeks.
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this week is going to be amazing [15 Sep 2010|11:20pm]
Working Sun-Thurs e6 on Thursday night, vacation begins, flying to Las Vegas on the 24th for a whole week and then trying to go to NY for a few days :) Hopefully booking my CALI trip in the coming months. yeahhhhhhh
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[13 Aug 2010|12:19pm]
I was send The Wildbunch's album, it's pre e6, it has a lot of the same songs, but pretty amazing ones I've never heard before. I can't wait for Sept. e6 shows, new album, and vacation. I can not wait.
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[13 Jul 2010|10:58pm]
I'm thinking about booking a flight to Las Vegas in Sept. I just got a great credit card offer for building up points, and considering I'm going to Hawaii in 9 months, I'll want all the money I can possibly get. I've read through it, and I get $300 towards my next vacation. Going to Hawaii costs well over $1000. I've been saving, I know I'll have a great time. What can be better than being in a beautiful place with friends and family? It's going to pretty amazing.

Where did the first half of this year go? I'm certainly getting old. I may be turning 24, feeling super old, and still undeclared, but I'm happy.

E6 on Friday night. sooo excited!
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[26 Jun 2010|02:46pm]
I can not wait for July 20th. Scott Pilgrim #6 and then finally the movie in August. I am a nerd :/

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[31 May 2010|12:36pm]
today is finally my day off. probably going to Newport :)

I'm also going to wear my Betty Page dress that I bought in Las Vegas. I love it
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[21 May 2010|03:16am]
It's 3am. Apparently my body still thinks it's Las Vegas time. It's okay I'll be sleeping late tomorrow. I just watched the latest Lost episode. I'm ready for the end and the beginning of something else. There are a few TV shows I've been meaning to start. When I have some free time I'll be glad to start them.

I might be going back to Vegas in Sept. with some friends. We'll see if that actually happens, but I have one week's vacation time left. I'd be more than happy to go back, especially with good company.

I had some more work done on my arm last night. It's really swollen, but looks amazing. I can't wait to be done with my half sleeve and onto my next project.

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Goodbye New England [11 May 2010|12:43am]
I'm flying out tomorrow, I'll be in Las Vegas for a whole 8 days. I'll be back Wednesday, which is also Tattoo Day! So I hope I win big. Apparently I'm going to be playing some table games and going to see one of those crazy cirque shows! I'm very excited. This is going to be amazing. I am incredibly happy to be seeing my family that I haven't seen in over two years. My sister is also engaged, so I get to meet her fiance!

I better get back to packing up my clothes!

see you in 8 days!
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I'm glad to see somethings never change [29 Apr 2010|11:41pm]

That's it.

halp [23 Mar 2010|11:26pm]


which haircut/color  should I pick?

thursday is the deadline.

PAX this weekend!
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[20 Mar 2010|11:54am]
new music on Ipod and new hair cut in the near future. maybe I need some opinions. send me pictures of hair cuts I should get :)
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[04 Feb 2010|10:01am]
I seriously need a hair cut and dye. I'm waiting on Tom for that one.
for now it's pony tails or a giant, puffy, dry, and uneven mess. wooo

Motion City Soundtrack tonight with Set Your Goals. I'm so excited.

I hope this weekend will be good.
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[27 Jan 2010|11:27am]
Today is my version of new music Tuesday.

If only it were actually new music. I have bought quite a few cds, and never put them on my ipod, so today I spent a few hours copying, and converting files. I also used up some Itunes cards I got for my birthday and Christmas for a grand total of over 500 songs on my Ipod. Not to mention forgetting the newer cds in my car.

I really am bad at this thing called technology.

I love having the Deluxe edition of the new motion city. The book makes me happy.
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Goodbye yesterday, Hello tomorrow [01 Jan 2010|10:17pm]
Last Night I went to Boston with Chris, Matt, and Kristine to bring in the new year and see the Boston Pops. It was pretty amazing, I'm not going to lie. Amanda Palmer of the Dresdon Dolls was also on stage, I haven't been a huge fan of the Dolls, but on her own she was a lot of fun and very entertaining. Thank you Chris Guen for a night well spent with some long lost friends.

I am pretty excited for 2010. Even though the future is now.
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[21 Dec 2009|11:13am]
Wasting time is something I'm really good at.
It's a PGMG kind of day. I'm not working until 3.

I'm pretty excited to have Wednesday, Friday, half of Saturday, and Sunday off this week. I'm going to be spending a lot of time at the Tom Berube Doom House with the baby cats and Tom Berube, himself.

Even if I'm not invited!
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I spent my day off experimenting [22 Aug 2009|04:39pm]
Cola Cupcakes with Cola icing.

it's about 3/4 cup of cola in the batter
and about 3 tablespoons in the icing... along with a cup and a half of con. sugar. so it's sweet! the suggestion of the gummi colas was perfect. Thank you domestic goddess.(it's the book I got this out of.
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[14 Aug 2009|02:09pm]
One mess up after another.
I was driving and a neighbor backed out of her drive way without looking behind her. Four houses down the street. So my car is back in the shop, for who knows how long. I have a rental. Its a pretty red color, but it's a giant Camry. It's pretty similar to the one I drove last January when I was rear-ended. The body shop must love me. Both of which were not my fault. However Tom keeps telling me I'm a terrible driver.
These pictures are pretty close to the same thing, I just thought I'd post anyway.




Just by looking at it, the shop says I have over four thousand dollars in damages. There also might be suspension damage again. I guess the frame of the car is all one piece and can not be adjusted. So when the tire was hit, it's facing inward and there's no way to fix it, just replace to whole frame. Good Times!
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