Beckie* (meow2you) wrote,

I had the chance to tour the Cordon Blue University of Las Vegas on Monday. It was amazing. I have a contact there for the upcoming Baking and Pastry program in January. I think I might take course. It's only nine months long and I'd learn a lot of what I love. I don't know if I'd actually work for someone or open up a business, but I think it's time to become an adult and work for something more than what I've got. I'm getting some financial aid papers and housing info at the end of October. I'll have to decide what I want by then. I'm also going to schedule a tour for the Boston school. I doubt I'll feel the same about it. I could definitely use some sun on my skin instead of snow. The fact of moving away from everything I know and love is going to really make it hard. I also have to figure out what I'm going to do about work. I doubt they can hold my position for that long. I'd probably have to get a transfer here for whatever position, and then transfer back if I wanted? I don't know about those details. Who knows, this might be the excuse I've been looking for to quit?! It's a lot of thinking in the next few weeks.
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